Toronto Roadtrip


Toronto cityscape

This past weekend I roadtripped to Toronto with a couple friends & stopped at Niagara Falls on the way back.

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We left Boston at 4am and a short 9 hour drive later, found ourselves wandering around Toronto. Our Airbnb was right in downtown so we dropped our stuff off & headed to the aquarium.

Pretty sure I see a crack

The aquarium was much bigger & nicer than the Boston aquarium. It is kind of expensive at $35 per adult but worth going once. They had a cool moving walkway through a tunnel of sharks & whatnot. My favorite part of the aquarium was definitely the jellyfish wall.

Spongebob would be in heaven

Other Toronto Stuff

Walking around Toronto, we happened upon some giant sign that would be very helpful if you happen to forget what city you are in. Continuing our walk, we found a ferry that leaving shortly for Toronto island so we decided to jump aboard. The island was bigger than we thought and we didn't have a chance to explore it all but we saw some colorful houses & got a great view of the Toronto cityscape.

3D Toronto Sign
3D Toronto Sign

We also saw the hard to miss CN Tower. At the top section of the tower people could be seen doing the edge walk. As freaky as that sounded I was considering it but upon learning the price ($225!) I decided I would have to find a cheaper way to freak myself out.

CN Tower
CN Tower

There was one more thing we had to do before leaving Toronto. We would truly be remiss if we did not partake in one of Canada's favorite pastimes. No I'm not talking about syrup chugging, moose riding, nor allowing ham to impersonate bacon. I am talking of course about hockey. We went to a Maple Leafs (why not Leaves?!!!) preseason game & although I do not fully understand hockey, it was a really good time.

Niagara Falls

On our way back we stopped in Niagara Falls. The falls were quite an impressive sight and the mist could be felt in the air once you got in the area.

That's a lot of water
That's a lot of water

Back Home

One weekend and 18 hours of driving later, I returned home sans my Canadian virginity & with a new eagerness to explore some of the country's other spots.

Canadian strip club
Canadian strip club

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