Ableton Live & VST Compatibility Issues on M1 Mac

Ableton Live & VST Compatibility Issues on M1 Mac

Published May 30, 2022
I was excited that the Ableton Live 11.1 update finally natively supports M1 macs. I was less excited when I opened my project & realized that two of my favorite plugins, Guitar Rig 6 Pro and Autotune, were nowhere to be found 👎🏼. At first I thought it might be some kind of VST folder issue but they were in the right spot so I turned to Google. After some searching, I realized that neither plugin are currently compiled for M1 macs and Ableton Live 11.1 will only show plugins that are compiled for M1. There are two solutions; rollback to 11.0 or launch the latest version with Rosetta by right clicking on the app, clicking ticking the box in the Get Info, & checking the “Open Using Rosetta” box. If you run Ableton with Rosetta you will probably still get plugin error messages at launch but everything should work.
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